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The following are clips that I have either produced, recorded, mixed, mastered, played on, or done a combination of these things in order to come up with the final product.



Travelin' Blues

This is a recording of my sister, Francile Albright Mullen. She's an actress living and working in New York. We had an hour or two in my studio, and she improvised most of the parts on this on the spot. Wow!


See her in the new short film; EQUITY the Movie

Final mixes done at Albright Productions




What I'm Gonna Do

These tunes were written and recorded by local composer/guitarist Tim Sublette for a CD project. Tim and his son Chris (former bass student of mine) are both Berkley School of Music grads, and they bring a free spirit to these recordings. (All done at Albright productions.)



Toot Toot

Jole' Blonde

These tunes are from a band  called HOGFISH GUMBO. (Yes, really.) Cajun flavors-a-plenty. (All done at Albright productions.) The band is for Hire...



Story of My Life

Truck Drivers

These tunes were done in a real 50' vibe. Chuck Cowan brings that era to life with a rockablly/old school country style. (All done at Albright productions.)



Not While I'm Around

This is the Moment

James Wright is an actor/singer with a very sweet smooth sounding voice. These songs were part of his most recent release. (This CD was tracked in multiple studios, then sweetened and mixed at Albright productions.)



3 men on a Mountain

Liberty Highway is a local gospel/bluegrass group releasing their first CD. (All done at Albright productions.)


Every Day

Bukeka Newby-Shoals has a new disk out featuring 5 tunes that were produced by John Cushon, and mixed at Albright productions. Also one song featuring just bass and Bu, "The Universe is Calling" which you'll have to get on itunes.



Frannie's Song

Chance Mullen, (Frannie's husband) is a commercial actor (Pizza hut, Dunkin' doughnuts, Netflix, etc.)  He is also a fine singer/songwriter. With his fun wit he steals the show whenever you can get him to an open mic. This is a demo he ran off in one take.




Here's a clip of Mike Ning's jazz piano trio. Mike is a true fan and historian of Bill Evans, and his piano style really reflects that. (All done at Albright productions.)



You'll Always Have a Place In My Heart

This was recorded as a tribute to Terry Hancock's grandmother. Terry's band plus friends and family were involved to make a special recording celebrating her life.




There are a few disks out there that I'll mention which I produced before owning a studio. You might want to check out the following:



Dreamland is a slick, smart, pop record. This was a group project, and my first heavy involvement in every step of production. Still very proud of this disk and the players on it. I learned a lot, and it still sounds great.


Kansas City Standard Time- Tim Whitmer


I've played with Tim a lot over the last 18 years. He's given me some great opportunities, and producing this CD was a highlight for me. Working with some of KC's legendary jazz artists was a true pleasure. It was a real honor to produce this disk.


Ken Lovern- OJT


Kenny is a great friend and a fine musician. Producing this CD was an extremely eventful experience that culminated in a very groovy disk. Not playing on this one, just worked from the control room. A real treat.  




















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